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When it comes to digital marketing, I believe that to market B2B and B2C you have to market B2P (Business to Person). No matter what your business is, you are always communicating with a person. Digital marketing provides unique targeting methods that can help you find those people.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a specialty at FoxChase Digital. So much so, we have several options of SEO services. Some are much more involved than others, but can result in higher gains. How far down the SEO rabbit hole we go is up to you. 

  • SEO Strategy | After getting to know your business and your digital goals, we create a full SEO strategy to pull your site higher in search and bring in more organic traffic to your site. With this service, FoxChase Digital can also provide all implementation. 
  • SEO Monitoring | Our SEO monitoring service is perfect for your business if you are looking for someone to keep a close eye on your SEO and keep you apprised of significant movement throughout the month. FoxChase Digital will also be available to answer your questions regarding SEO.
  • User Experience (UX) Audit | Although it is the main SEO ranking factor for most search engines, the most forgotten aspect of SEO is user experience. FoxChase Digital can deploy a wide range of usability testing to help you understand how and why people are using your website. This data is invaluable in making decisions that will help your website perform better - not by guessing what your users want, but by knowing what they want. 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) | If you are looking for leads and purchases, then CRO should be a highly invested priority for your site. CRO allows you to increase your conversions once you have traffic coming to the site. If CRO is deployed well on a site, there will never be a need to have a major overhaul of a website (except to update technology) because the site will always update to increase your conversion rate. 
  • SEO Audit | Most people don't know what they don't know in SEO. An SEO Audit provides a great snapshot of how your site is performing to give you a basic understanding of what tactics you have done well and where you may need to focus additional resources. We look at several SEO factors like site speed to website errors to your backlink portfolio and much more in your SEO Audit. 
  • Competitive Digital Audit | Much more comprehensive than the SEO Audit, the Competitive Digital Audit looks at several digital channels (SEO, Social, Content Marketing, Mobile, Usability and more) to determine your digital presence and footprint. We also provide similar data about your competitors. For most clients, this is usually the most enlightening audit. 
  • Website Redesign SEO | If you are about to implement a website redesign, you may or may not have thought about its impact on your SEO. This service brings FoxChase Digital into the website production to make sure that your site launches with the best SEO impact that it can have and doesn't lose any SEO ground that you already acquired.

95% of Millennials expect brands to have a Facebook presence. Also, 87% of Gen X’ers (30- to 44-year-olds) and even 70% of those ages 45 to 60 think brands should, at the very least, have a Facebook page. While consumers reduced expectations by about 10% for Twitter presence.
— Social Media Examiner


People expect brands to be on social media. From developing a comprehensive social strategy to attract your key audience to building better digital relevance, FoxChase Digital provides clarity and guidance to reach your social goals. 

  • Social Signaling Strategy | Did you know that social ties into your SEO efforts and can help increase search rankings? FoxChase Digital can help you determine how best to leverage social for SEO. 
  • Social Targeting & Outreach | Don't just reach anyone with your social post, reach the right people at the right time with the right post. 
  • Social Campaigns | Sometimes you have one product, service or event that just needs some extra love and promotion to help meet your goals. FoxChase Digital can develop a social campaign strategy to do just that. 

Content Marketing

You have maybe heard that content is king. Well, it's true. By all accords, Google is pushing each brand to become its own publisher. Some SEO ranking factors include content freshness, authority and trust. And all social posts come from some form of content. FoxChase Digital understands the need for content at every level. To us content isn't just's images, videos, interactive modules, quizzes and more. We have the data to prove it. The more engaging your content is, the better your site performs in search and social...and you'll notice your conversions increase too. 

  • Content Marketing Strategy | Since content rules so much of the digital world, you need a strategic game plan that can tie into your SEO, social and email marketing efforts. FoxChase Digital provides a full strategic plan and creates a content calendar to determine all aspects correlated with a piece of content. This not only brings your business into a schedule, but successful calendars can be completed months in advance. With this service, FoxChase Digital provides all implementation (keyword research, trend research, writing, designing and social posting). 
  • Content Marketing Research | Your business may have very talented writers on staff, but they may not be familiar with specific requirements of SEO. To optimize each piece of content, FoxChase Digital provides keyword research and topical trends. After your writer has completed composing content, it is passed back to FoxChase Digital for SEO editing. 
  • Visual Storytelling | Content goes beyond text, and well-designed content that conveys useful information increases a site's SEO. If you have all of the text but none of the design skills, FoxChase Digital can take your text to the next level of engagement. 

Analytics & Reporting

Besides increasing your revenue, nothing is more important than mining all of the data that your site and digital channels are collecting. FoxChase Digital can help your business determine what you should be tracking and produce monthly reports to keep apprised of your digital efforts.  

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