Run Instagram Ads Without an Instagram Account

 Instagram is used daily. 

Instagram is used daily. 

Does your brand or organization want to reach the demographic of women in their 20s and 30s? If so, Instagram is where that demographic spends most of its time now.  As stated by the Pew Research Center, 53% of young adults ages 18-29 now use Instagram, and besides young adults, women are particularly likely to be on Instagram, along with Hispanics and African-Americans, and those who live in urban or suburban environments.

The only problem is, most brands and organizations do not have an Instagram page nor do they have an Instagram plan. With that requirement, there would be much needed effort for a brand to get their message on Instagram to that particular demographic. 

Advertise on Instagram Without an Instagram Account

December 1st Facebook introduced the ability to advertise on Instagram without an Instagram page or account, but you do need a Facebook Ad Manager account to do so. As a new feature in Facebook Ad Manager, Instagram ads are available as a placement ad. Just as with other ads, you can set your targeted location, audience, and other targeting factors. 

How to Set Up an Instagram Ad 

1. Go to your Facebook Ad Manager.

2. Create a new campaign. 

3. Choose to "Boost Your Post"

4. Choose the post you want to show up in Instagram.
Note: To be successful in Instagram, make sure you have a very appealing image. Also, since you will not have an Instagram account to tie to post to, Facebook Ad Manager is not going to allow you to update the text. Make sure to choose a post that has 145 characters or less or your post will contain an ellipsis and the word more. (See in the image below.)

5. Set your targeting information.
Note: At this point, most people drop out of the ad creation thinking they have done something wrong. You will choose your Instagram ad placement on the next page.

6. Click the "Choose Ad Creative" button at the bottom once all audience and targeting information is complete.

7. Choose where you would like to place your ads. This is where you will see Instagram as an option along with Desktop Facebook, Mobile Facebook and a Right Column ad for Facebook.
Note: You can run this post on all placements, but if you only want to run the ad on Instagram, remove all Facebook ad placement options.

8. If you do not have an Instagram account, leave the Instagram Account section as it appears in the default. This will tie your Facebook account to Instagram and pull through your name and profile image for Instagram.

9. Review your preview and make sure you are good with your ad. Again, if your original Facebook post that you are promoting in this ad has text that is longer than 145 characters, the Instagram text will show an ellipsis and the word more.

10. Publish your ad and you're done!

Advertising Success with Instagram

Before you begin advertising on Instagram simply because you know your target audience plays within that platform, make sure you understand Instagram as a social channel and what the audience that lives within Instagram expects. If you do not have a plan for your Instagram ad, then you may want to reconsider advertising on Instagram.

Instagram is driven by images, but not just any images - real images that are inspirational and aspirational. Users on Instagram love images that move them, images that resonate with their lives and images that create a sense of desire. 

The key to Instagram advertising success is to find a way to convey a message within one photo that will tell a story and make a user want to take action or educate them. Here is a brand that has taken a mundane topic and created a cool educational approach to their image to help educate Instagram users of illness symptoms.  

In the end, just remember what your target audience would enjoy seeing in Instagram. Happy advertising!